Galway Children’s Dentist – Dental Fees

Initial Assessment
Examination, Cleaning & Fluoride Gel, X-Rays (as necessary), Oral Hygiene & Diet Advice ~ 45 min.
From €120
Recall Visit
Examination, Cleaning & Fluoride Gel, Oral Hygiene & Diet Advice
€80 - €120
Scaling / Stain Removal
Removal of Calculus, Plaque, Staining
€40 - €80
X-RaysFrom €40
Depending on number
Fissure Sealant€50 each
White Fillings
All fillings include fissure sealant of the tooth
€150 - €250
Depending on complexity
Composite Crowns – White
Front teeth
From €150
Stainless Steel Crowns*
Back teeth
€250 - €350
Primary & Permanent
Pulp Treatment*From €100
Primary teeth only
ExtractionsFrom €120
Depending on tooth and complexity
Injured teeth / mouth
Quote given at trauma assessment
Fees depend on complexity

Please note these are average range of fees. Each child is assessed according to their individual needs. More accurate costs will be given at the initial assessment.

Payment Options: Credit Card, Cheque or Cash

Med 1 Formclick here to download – also available from Tax office.

Med 2 Formclick here to download – also available from Tax office.

You can download your Med 1 and Med 2 Forms above where it also explains which treatments qualify for tax relief. We complete Med 2 forms for all eligible treatment and give to you when treatment completed.