Galway Child Dentist – Dental Tips

Age of Child

0 – 6 months• First baby tooth appears.
• Wipe mouth / first teeth with soft cloth after last feed at night.
1 + years• First visit to dentist (diet, oral hygiene, preventive advice).
• Parents to dry brush teeth morning and night (start using soft toothbrush when child has ~ 10 teeth).
• Stop soother (“dodies”), wean off bottles, breast feeding.
2 – 3 years• Full set of baby teeth (20) present.
• Start using a small amount (smear) of low fluoride toothpaste. Parents to continue dry brushing first.
• Continue regular dental check-ups.
4 – 5 years• Parents to floss back teeth where they touch together.
• Check with dentist about the need for fissure sealants.
6 – 11 years• Daily fluoride mouthwash (60 seconds) at night (from 6 years of age or first permanent tooth).
• From 8 years – child can do more brushing themselves with adult supervision.
• Fissure seal 6 year molars.
• Check with dentist if any crowding/orthodontic concerns.
12 + years• All baby teeth usually gone + 12 year molars present (2nd permanent molars).
• Ensure children brush and floss their own teeth daily.
• Watch for deterioration in diet and oral hygiene due to peer pressure etc.
• Fissure seal 12 year molars.
• Continue regular dental check-ups – especially if they have orthodontic appliances.